Cooperative tale

Erasmus+ Project members do not stop their activities. This time, through a cooperative working model, they are making up a tale about two friends discovering a box full of jewelry which will lead them to mysteries and adventures. How will this tale end? We cannot wait…  

We are europeans – St John Bosco

January 31 is one of the most important dates in our school since we pay tribute to the human being that defines the way we teach, behave and cope with different situations. We all celebrated Don Bosco’s day having fun with different sport competitions, games, traditional food contests and hot chocolate for everyone. Definitely, heSigue leyendo “We are europeans – St John Bosco”

Pen pal project between Poland, France and Spain

One of the activities that will be carried out during the project is an interchange of letters between three different schools that belong to three different countries. This activity has a substantial number of benefits for the students:– To share knowledge, culture and values.– To develop writing skills.– To discover other lifestyles in other countries.–Sigue leyendo “Pen pal project between Poland, France and Spain”

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