Know the world, know you

Know the world, know you

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Cooperative tale

Erasmus+ Project members do not stop their activities. This time, through a cooperative working model, they are making up a tale about two friends discovering a box full of jewelry which will lead them to mysteries and adventures. How will this tale end? We cannot wait…  

Mobility in Poland

Between 5th and 7th November, our teachers Luz María and José Luis took part in the first mobility of the project. There they were hosted by Polish team, sharing nice time working on the project goals by job shadowing and meetings.

Talent show

After a long time of practice, excitement and nerves, our salesianos students made the most of themselves in our Talent Show. Our pupils showed their skills on the stage, letting the audience astonished by their great performances. The whole school took part in it, even teachers did not let this chance go and participated withSigue leyendo “Talent show”

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